Primally Pure’s Beautiful Blue Tansy Favorites! UPDATE: 10% off now through 8/31 only!

Blue Tansy Beauty Cream and Body Oil are two of my personal favorite products from Primally Pure.  Since I have been in Israel for the past almost four months over the hot summer, my skin has needed some extra TLC.  Blue Tansy has helped to keep my skin soft and hydrated.


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Here is a little excerpt from Primally Pure’s website about this amazing little plant:

Perfect for sensitive skin, damaged skin and healing + preventing breakouts, blue tansy is incredibly soothing, minimizes inflammation and regenerates skin at a cellular level.

This simple yellow plant (yup, yellow!) is native to Morocco and actually gets its bright blue hue during the steam distillation process. Its high levels of azulene, the naturally occurring component that gives blue tansy its deep blue appearance, makes it rich in antioxidants + skin soothing properties.

Being a part of the chamomile family, blue tansy is full of calming + soothing benefits for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other inflammatory issues. From very sensitive skin + serious acne to severe dryness + even signs of aging, blue tansy treats a number of diverse skin needs.

What more could you ask for from a sweet little flower?

Its floral and slightly fruity scent is also bursting with therapeutic benefits to not only combat inflammation, but to calm your mind + boost your mood.

Click on the link below to order through me, with no extra cost to you!  Beautiful skin, calm and happiness await you!  Blessings!

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