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Hi! My name is Kathryn Arnold.  I have a passion to live a healthy, full life doing the things I love with the people I love!  AND to see others do the same!  I am of the firm belief that since we are triune beings, spirit, soul and body, created in the image of our Maker, we need balance in each of these areas.  Elohim is our Father, our head, our guidance.  When we are Kingdom minded, and our greatest delight is to know our God, we will realize the desires of our heart.  (Just be prepared to surrender any preconceived ideas about what that may look like!)  I believe THE most important aspect of our health, well being, SHALOM in all areas is first and foremost our relationship with our God.  When we begin to know and understand His Great Love, the covenant He has made with us, and truly begin to renew our mind based on the truth of His Word; then we can begin to know and understand His character, replace the lies, misconceptions and traumas of this life with more of Him realized and walk with Him into the abundant life He designed for us.  See the Spirit/Soul/Body for entries to learn more.  (Stay tuned).

As it pertains to the body, I have many, many years of working in natural food/supplement/body care, research, LOTS of trying out SOOO many products, doing web searches, reading blogs, etc.  So after being asked by my friends and family to share and teach and make recommendations about what I use and have tried, I decided to start sharing and this blog was “born”.  Sign up to receive blog updates at the bottom of my website, so you don’t miss updates, discount codes, etc.!

Check out blog posts and the tabs at the top of my website for lots more great information. Shalom!

DISCLAIMER:  These statements and those on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  This information is educational in nature.
Affiliate Disclaimer: I may receive a small compensation for orders placed through links, but at no cost to you and many times at a savings to you by using my links.  This all helps for me to continue writing, researching and sharing my blog and of course it helps me to support myself and my household.  I will be honest in my reviews of specific products.  It is my intention to include product lines and links to favorites that I use when I find something I want to share and give accolades to!