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Becoming a Young Living member is one of the best decisions you can make for your health. Why? Because these essential oils are God’s plants, His intended medicines for mankind. Did you know He made the plants to respond in our bodies? There are some oils that support healthy blood pressure (Joy Blend). Some oils help to stop bleeding immediately in emergency situations (Helichrysum and Cypress). Some oils support a good night’s sleep (Lavender and Valerian). Some oils support a healthy immune system (Thieves, Purification and Frankincense). Some oils support healthy DNA replication (Frankincense). Some oils can help calm the nervous system and help reduce hyperactivity in children (Cedarwood and Tangerine). There are hundreds of oils that support our bodies in different ways, and there are no side effects! Essential oils are not toxic! They are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe).

As you travel your journey of learning how to support and heal your body naturally, the way God intended, using essential oils will support you greatly.

Young Living has developed a kit for people who are just getting started with essential oils. It is called the Premium Starter Kit and it is an amazing deal! You get over $300 worth of oils and a diffuser for $160. You will get 11 bottles of essential oils and some other product samples and welcome information.  Purchasing this kit also gives you a 1 year membership to Young Living. You will get your own sign in information and can access the Young Living website getting 24% off retail prices for that year. To sign up under me, please CLICK THIS LINK. Just fill out the form and it will automatically put my distributor number into the form. Note: YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO ADD YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TO SIGN UP!

If you do sign up for a Premium Starter Kit, please send me an email to let me know at and I will send you a FREE GIFT!