Black Friday 7 Roll-On Set


Order this beautiful set through my link here:

Then go to Products/New and Featured/Promotions or go there first to check out the product, then go back!  You can also check out some other Black Friday Deals for 20% off 50 products.  Go to Products/New and Featured/Black Friday.

On MOBILE:  My Member # doesn’t populate for whatever reason, so use 2486840 for both the sponsor and enroller to sign up and order. (You will use this for either a wholesale membership or to order retail).  From the link above, use the box (made up of 3 verticle lines…I’m sure it has a name!) at the top left to go to Products/New/Featured Promotions to check out the product.  Also check out the Black Friday Deals while you’re there!  Products/New and Featured/Black Friday.


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