My Favorite Female Hormone Helpers: Let me tell you!


So ladies, have you ever had this happen?  You’ve used a product for a long time and at first it seemed like it was helping, but over time you just get used to everything going smoothly and maybe some discomforts have been forgotten that you started using a product for in the first place? 

Well, I have been using Progessence Plus and Sclaressence for quite some time now.  I ran out of Progessence Plus about a week or so ago while out of the country and let me tell you, there’s a difference!!!  I have 7 more weeks until I get back home, so I asked someone at home if they’d be willing to send me a bottle.  Wow!  Progessence Plus and Sclaressence is a combination I didn’t realize was working so well until they were no longer a combo!  Just these two products alone are well worth investing in your health.  Here is some more information from one of my front page tabs to peruse.  

Click here:  Oils For Hormones

Then, I encourage you to sign up and save 24% off of retail.  It’s well worth it.  No minimums, just $50 per year to keep your membership going and going.  Many other perks as well.  Send any questions my way.  I am here to help!

So here’s hoping for a fast delivery!   I couldn’t be  happier that the other half of my combo is on the way.



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