Savvy Minerals Makeup by Young Living

Savvy Minerals by Young Living

THIS!  This is the makeup line that I love the very most after trying sooooo many “natural”and organic products.  Well, wouldn’t you know I’d end up with Young Living!  To be fair, we didn’t have our makeup line when I was trying out the others.  Right now, I am adding quite a lot to build out this website, so keep on checking back!  Better yet, sign up for my blog on the bottom of my site and you’ll get all the updates, or email me and I’ll invite you in.  🙂

Back to Savvy Minerals!  I really love the lipsticks, their great staying power and the glosses too!  The eyeliner and mineral spray are amazing and the color choices for all of the eye and cheek colors and foundations are many, so whatever your beautiful skin tone and color palette tastes are…….it’s covered!

Click on the link at the bottom of this post to see the whole line of Savvy Minerals by Young Living.  Let me know if you need any help with ordering!  Just go to the products tab on the link.  You will want to purchase wholesale, not retail.  Go to the Sign Up tab here:  Sign Up For Your Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit

The Premium Starter Kits (hereafter called a PSK) are MUCH less than purchasing the products individually!  You can choose any PSK you’d like and then you’ll receive wholesale pricing with a 24% discount off of retail on ALL Young Living products!  PLEASE let me know if you have ANY questions at all.  You can email me at: or leave a comment above.

Happy perusing on your road to non-toxic beauty!

Link:  Savvy Minerals by Young Living Products

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